How do students submit their ideas?

  • Contestants must submit a short video (3 minutes maximum) to pitch their ideas. Please note professional video equipment is not necessary to record your videos. Videos can be recorded with an iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, etc. Videos will be judged on the quality of their content not the quality of their video production.
  • Videos must be submitted to the Shoals Spark website . The final deadline is February 21, 2019.
  • The following information is required for each video submission:
    • Contestant name(s)
    • Contestant email address(es)
    • Contestant cell phone number(s)
    • Preferred method of contact
    • Name of School/University
    • Submission Category (Middle School, High School, College)
  • Judges will view video submissions and top entries in each category will be notified.
  • Contestants who enter video submissions must be available to present to the judges on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 5–7 pm at the University of North Alabama’s GUC Performance Center.

How will submissions be judged?

From the video submissions, judges will determine the top finalists in each category: middle school, high school, and college.

Those finalists will be invited to present their ideas in-person at the Shoals Spark Competition on March 14, 2019 where winners in each category will be determined.

Submissions and Presentations will judged using the following rubric , which will assess the following criteria:

  • Problem that the Idea Addresses (5 points)
  • Imagination & Creativity Leading to Uniqueness of the Idea (5 points)
  • Potential Benefits from the Idea (5 points)
  • How Practical is this Idea? (5 points)
  • Presentation Delivery (5 points)


In 500 words or less or in a video (3 min. max), please state

  • Unique Ideas for Digital Technology: Imagination & Creativity (10 points)
  • Problem that the Idea addresses (5 points)
  • Potential Benefits from the Idea (5 points)
  • Why will this IDEA work? (5 points)


Each Presenter will have 3 minutes to present to the judges followed by 2 minutes of Q&A.  Judges will be looking for the following:

  • Imagination & Creativity leading to Uniqueness of the Idea (5 points)
  • Problem that the Idea addresses (5 points)
  • Potential Benefits from the Idea (5 points)
  • Passion (5 points)
  • How practical is this idea? (5 points)

What is the Timeline?

DECEMBER 15, 2018 - Early Bird Deadline. *Receive a free Shoals Spark tshirt!

FEBRUARY 21, 2019 - Final Deadline for Video Submissions

MARCH 14, 2019 – Shoals Spark Competition 5:00 – 7:00pm; Finalists Present Their Ideas


 If you have additional questions, please contact